Many years ago, it was universally believed that the earth was flat and the fear of falling off a
flat earth was very real.  Physical science proved that the earth is round, has always been
round, and the fear of falling off a flat earth was human error.  Today, it is universally
believed that man, the generic name for all that exist, is a material being living in a
material universe governed by material laws which are both good and evil.  The fear of evil as
well as indulgence in evil and all the problems associated with this belief is very real and
destructive, individually and collectively.  Spiritual science, through spiritual understanding
and individual demonstration, is proving that the universe, including man, is the infinite
manifestation of Mind, the mind of God, entirely spiritual and eternally governed by the laws
of Spirit which include only good because, according to
The Scriptures, "God is of purer
eyes than to see evil;"
however, this fact that God is supreme good because God is
nfinite Spirit filling all space could only be understood and demonstrated through spiritual
sense or spiritual understanding and not through the false, material or finite sense
, which is
human error,
for "the way through which immortality and life are learned is not ecclesiastical
but Christian, not human but divine, not physical but metaphysical, not material but
scientifically spiritual."
(S&H 98:31-2).

Explore Christian Science, a unique metaphysical system of healing based on a
demonstrable spiritual science which draws its authority from
The Scriptures and the
revelation to
Mary Baker Eddy that God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit,
Soul, Life, Truth, Love
, the divine Principle of all being, governing and controlling the
universe, including man, with the
law of harmony in the eternal now.  The Principle of
being is a fixed Principle which operates as universal, spiritual and eternal laws.  And like any
fixed principle, for example, the principle of mathematics, the Principle of being can be
studied, understood and demonstrated individually and universally.  The textbook of Christian
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, authored by Mary Baker Eddy,
elucidates this Principle and its rules, laws and ideas which underly the teachings, healing
works and powerful demonstrations, believed to be miraculous, of the early biblical prophets,
Christ Jesus and how this Principle is ever present, operative, demonstrable and applicable
today to man's total well being and universal harmony when understood, obeyed and
correctly applied.  

Mary Baker Eddy was a semi-invalid until her discovery of Christian Science in 1866 when
she was healed, through prayer and revelation, of an injury that was diagnosed as incurable
and fatal.  She spent most of her adult life searching for a cure for her chronic, debilitating
illnesses and solutions to life's problems which, in her case, were very severe.  While she
experimented with different systems of healing, with
The Bible as her textbook and guide, she
knew that the truth that would set her free is found in understanding God and her relationship
with God because she was convinced that Christ Jesus' statement,
"Ye shall know the
truth, and the truth shall make you free
" is based on spiritual law or demonstrable truth.  
Her discovery that
God is Truth led her to the understanding that Truth, being infinite, is all;
therefore, what appears as the opposite of Truth is human error or mistaken concept of God
because Truth is infinite light wherein there is no darkness.  She also discovered that God is,
as referenced in
The Bible, "a very present help in trouble" because God is infinite Life,
meaning all life, hence God, governing the universe and every aspect of Life, is
.  With this Life being the Principle of all being, she concluded that it was not chance, a
miracle, but the operation of divine law that healed her of her near fatal injury; that this law is
all inclusive, applies to all human conditions and is ever present to heal, redeem and bless
mankind.  She also concluded, through reason and logic, that a God who is omnipresent
good, being infinite, precludes the actual existence of evil; however, because the
appearances and operations of evil permeate human history, including her own life, she was
convinced that ignorance of what evil is and how it operates is a grave mistake, hence she
was impelled to explore and understand the origin of evil and its adverse effects on mankind,
her primary objective being how to alleviate human suffering.

After years of seclusion and deep research of
The Bible, Mary Baker Eddy wrote and
published in 1875 the first edition of
Science and Health that outlines a system of healing
based on God being the life, truth, intelligence and substance of the universe, unlocking the
mystery of the origin of evil, what it is and what it is not, how it appears in different forms, how
it operates and claims to have the intelligence and power to destroy man's well being and
universal harmony, how it can be metaphysically and scientifically handled and destroyed
only by spiritual understanding, or knowing the truth, that reveals God as universal Mind,
present as individual spiritual consciousness, which constitutes life and life's experiences,
hence consciousness is fundamental.  The shifting of consciousness from the false material
consciousness to the individual spiritual consciousness transforms thought, changing every
aspect of life's experiences from darkness to light, from unreality to reality, from mortality to
immortality, from discord to harmony, "
For to be carnally minded is death; but to be
spiritually minded is life and peace,
" (Rom. 8:6) with the realization that the false material
consciousness, referred to in
Science and Health as mortal mind and in The Bible as the
carnal mind, is enmity against God or infinite good because it denies God's oneness and
allness, hence it is the root of all evil; therefore, the only way to stop the operation of evil in
our experience and solve all human discord is, as
The Bible instructs, to "Let this Mind be in
you, which was also in Christ Jesus
" (Phil. 2:5) because "You cannot solve a problem
with the same mind that created it"
(Albert Einstein).

Christian Science healing is universal because its curative Principle is God.  It is
therefore available to
all who are willing to trust God's love, presence and power to deliver
man from all evil or inharmonious human conditions; however, to prevent future or recurring
problems and to attain a deeper understanding of Christian Science and its system of healing
requires in-depth, private study of
The Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy.  To read lectures on Christian Science, visit this
website or contact me to learn more.          
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